ISSUE 3 - July-Sept 2019


1. Breaking news from the NBCMI Chair desk.
2. Announcing the NBCMI 2019 Scholarship Program Winners
3. Best Practices for Re-certification
4. Safeguarding your CMI Number
5. NBCMI call for nominations for board directors
6. Celebrating Translators and Interpreters Day!
7. Upcoming Events

Breaking News from the NBCMI Chair desk The National Board saying farewell to Past-Chair, and Welcome to a new Chair!!

Early September the past NB Chair, Jazmin Manjarrez, packed and moved to the stunning Riviera Nayarit in Mexico, to start a new life. With a very heavy heart we said goodbye to a great leader and a good friend, she's always been an activist for our profession as Medical Interpreters and we greatly appreciate her years of commitment and dedication working to enhance the medical profession through certification. She left us with her inspirational guidance, and we wish her the best of luck in this new chapter of her life. Thank you, Jazmin, Always and forever!!

Jazmin Manjarrez
From milestones and targets
To motivation and progress
From failures and setbacks
To moving ahead and success.
You stood with us through all these things, your leadership is what has given us wings.

Jazmin Manjarrez, CMI Spanish. National Board Chair 2017-2019

The National Board of Certification for Medical Interpreters Welcome a new Chair!!

Starting in September 2019, Xiomara Armas has been the NBCMI Chair. Mrs. Armas is a BBA and CMI-Spanish interpreter since 2011. She's been working at Children's Healthcare of Atlanta (CHOA) for 15 years as a Medical Interpreter with a deep interest in Family Education for Medical Conditions, which earned her the 2010 CHOA Golden Apple award – Honorable Mention, for her contributions and extraordinary accomplishments in Health Education. She is also a Video Remote interpreter since 2015 for Stratus Video. At the present she's a member of the Interpreting Shared Leadership council at Children's Healthcare of Atlanta. Before she became the Chairwoman of NBCMI, she held the position of NBCMI Vice-chair.

Let's welcome her and wish her the best on her new position!

Xiomara Armas

Xiomara Armas, BBA, CMI-SPANISH



The NBCMI keeps celebrating its 10th anniversary announcing our Scholarship winners CONGRATULATIONS!!


Andrew Duong, Vietnamese

Andrew said that being a medical interpreter for him has impacted his life in a positive way. He said: "I learn a lot from every health provider that I work with. They inspire me to be on of them. So, I changed my major as an IT major to biochemistry to pursue my dream to go to medical school to be a Physician Assistant. I would like to help and take good care of people and give back to the community."

Maria Palma, Spanish

Maria began her career as an interpreter because she is proficient in English and Spanish. She said: "I like to help people and work directly with them. I saw an opportunity to help those who do not speak English to communicate with English speaking people. I also noticed the lack of interpreters and the need of them in the State where I was living and decided to pursue this career. I have lived my life trying to learn something every day, and a language is something you never stop learning"

Estefania Sadler, Spanish

Estefania became an interpreter because she identified herself many times with many of the people around her. She said, "Being a medical interpreter has impacted my life in a positive way. It has given me a profession that I can say I feel proud of and it has given me a sense of belonging to a community of pros. It has given me a focus in which to put my energy, my time, and dedication professionally and it has also given me the opportunity to meet wonderful people from providers to patients and their families"

Vy Tran, Vietnamese

When Vy was asked how interpreting has impacted her life, she said:
"Every day is different, challenging, but so worthwhile – every word, every sentence, every question. I learn to identify my weaknesses, recognize my strengths, and strive for getting certified with NBCMI. I discover what is actually possible in changing someone's life for the better in the smallest ways. It has been a meaningful experience."

Xiaoying Yi, Mandarin

Yi, said:
"I love to interact and help people. I love languages as they are beautiful arts.
I love acting, and interpretation is just like acting. When you repeat lines and convey the tones of another person just in a different language. I love a flexible work schedule.

We asked the recipients how they felt when they were notified about the scholarship, and here's the first comment...
How did you feel winning the scholarship?
Ms. Yi said, "No words can describe my excitement and appreciation. I know this is really a grace and I want to cherish this opportunity and make good use of it." This scholarship expedites my process of taking the certification exam, which is an important part of being a professional medical interpreter. I will study more and get myself prepared in order to reach this milestone. The scholarship also motivates me to work harder in the interpretation field so that I can turn my gratitude to better servicing those in need."
How did you decide to apply for the scholarship?
I knew about the scholarship information at the annual Conference of International Medical Interpreter association. At that time, it was very close to the deadline. After attending the IMIA conference, I was more determined to become CMI. Then I think of this scholarship people were advertising at the conference. It came naturally to me that I should give it a try to apply.

Stay tune for more comments in our next newsletter

Best Practices for Re-certification

If you are ready to apply for your re-certification here the steps to follow:

  • Please allow 5-7 business days for a reply about payments and CEUs received.
  • Files should be uploaded to your online profile in pdf or jpg format. Other formats will not be reviewed.
  • When uploading CEUs, files should be labeled according to their content. This leads to a faster CEUs review, for instance, "Medical Terminology" instead of "Image.pdf."
  • PLEASE do NOT start another profile if you cannot access your current profile online. If you have trouble accessing your profile after you have reset your password, please contact the email below: [email protected]
  • If you have uploaded an attendance certificate without any duration listed (no CEUs, no hours), we cannot accept the CEU in question. We must know how many hours an activity lasted (or number of CEUs assigned) before we can accept the CEU.

The best place to get information about our re-certification program is from our website.

Thank you for your participation in NBCMI's re-certification program!

Beverly North

Beverly North, M.S.


National Board of Certification for Medical Interpreters

Safeguarding Your CMI Number

  • NBCMI has begun requesting a photo be added to your online portfolio. To add a photo to your online profile, you can log in at with your username (which is usually your email address. If you don't remember your password, you can re-set it. When you get to the page with your name tag, there is a place to click, "Upload photo."
  • Take your badge to all appointments and do NOT include your CMI number on resumes, applications or business cards.
  • Employers can confirm your CMI credential by referring to the NBCMI registry:
  • Review your NBCMI profile and make sure all information is up to date.
  • Upload a photo to your NBCMI profile. Once you upload a photo, it will be visible in our public CMI registry

How to Upload your Photo

  • Log in (using the Member Login button in the upper right). Then you'll be on the member landing page, which shows your "nametag" and underneath it a small link that says "See something wrong? Update your profile."
  • You want to click that link and then on your profile, under the "My Status" section in the middle, there is a link that says "Change Profile Picture" and that is what you click
  • If you don't remember your password, you can re-set it.
Casita Wild

Casita Wild, MS

If you have questions, please contact [email protected]

Call for nominations!
NBCMI Wishes

Let's Celebrate "Translators, Terminologist, and Interpreters Day!

On September 30th of each year translators, terminologist, and interpreters celebrate their day!

This year the theme is "Translation and Indigenous Languages."

By celebrating our day, we promote communication among everybody that speaks different languages and we can highlight how important is our role in the world.

The United Nations in 2017, unanimously adopted resolution A/REST/71/288, where the role of professional translation is recognized in connecting people of different nations and fostering peace. St. Jerome knew that translation was an essential human right. He wanted people to know about the Bible in other languages. So, he is accredited for translating the Bible from Hebrew and Greek into Latin. Language is part of culture. If we the millions of indigenous people loses their language, we all, are losing social structures and diversity. In Guatemala there are twenty-one spoken Mayan languages. In Mexico, there are 68 national languages. From the 68, 63 are indigenous languages. Let's celebrate diversity, let's celebrate indigenous languages, and let's celebrate the Translators, Terminologists, and interpreter's day!

For more information please visit: > international-translation-day

ingrid oseguera

By Ingrid Oseguera, Sp-CMI

AA, Director of National Board, Trainer of Community Interpreting and Medical Terminology.
[email protected]
Newsletter Chair

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OSTI 6th Annual Conference:
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