HUB-CMI Credential

The Hub-CMI credential was developed for medical interpreters of any language as a national standard to establish mastery of medical terminology and specialties, cultural competencies, and sound ethical judgement. The Hub-CMI demonstrates a baseline level of competency and fundamental knowledge in the medical interpreter profession. The Hub-CMI is a credential which is based on a written exam in English and does not carry a language distinction in the same way the CMI certification does.

Hub-CMI applicants are required to meet all required prerequisites (including language proofs) to establish basic competency. For those who are pursuing the CMI, the Hub-CMI is a preliminary credential that is granted while earning the CMI language-based credential. If a CMI is offered in your language (Cantonese, Korean, Mandarin, Russian, Spanish and Vietnamese) you will have 2 years to earn the CMI credential. If the CMI is not earned during the 2-year period, your Hub-CMI will expire.


Q: What is the Hub-CMI? How is it different from the CMI?
CMI Certification HUB-CMI Credential
  • Registration (fulfill prerequisite requirements).
  • Written Exam (English)
  • Oral Exam (Currently offered in 6 languages)
  • Registration (fulfill prerequisite requirements).
  • Written Exam (English)

Interpreters with language combination among the 6 languages offered in the oral exam can become CMI (Cantonese, Korean, Mandarin, Russian, Spanish, and Vietnamese.

Any interpreter of any language combination can take the written exam in English language and obtain the Hub-CMI credential
  • CMI recertification is required every 5 years by fulfilling the CEU requirements.


Hub-CMI renewal is required every 4 years by fulfilling the CEU requirements. This only applies to Hub-CMIs who do not have a  CMI option.

If your target language is Spanish, Russian, Korean, Vietnamese, Cantonese, or Mandarin), your Hub-CMI will expire in 2 years with no option for renewal. You are required to successfully pass the oral exam and achieve the CMI credential.

Q: Why should I get a Hub-CMI credential?
A: The Hub-CMI is an excellent way to distinguish yourself from other interpreters and demonstrate mastery of medical specialties, medical terminology, medical interpreter ethics, cultural competencies, legislation and regulations, and interpreter standards.
Q: Do you have a video that I can watch in my own time?
A: Yes we do offer a recorded webinar which gives an overview of the program:
Q: Where should I start?
A: Please review the "overview" page for information on how to apply for the program:
Q: What happens after I register?
A: Your application is assigned to a program advisor to review and make a determination if you meet the program requirements to be admitted into the program. You will receive a response within 10 business days.
Q: I am having trouble uploading my documents. What else can I do?
A: Please log in to your account on our website and click under "my profile", scroll down and you will see your information, click "upload" and update the information. Be sure to save the changes.
Q: How long does it take to process my pre-requisites?
A: After you register you will be contacted via email within 10 days with information on next steps.
Q: I have not received any notification with instructions after submitting my documents, who should I contact?
A: Please contact: [email protected]
Q: How can I get a badge?
A: You can order your badge on the NBCMI website under "Order your Badge."
Q: How can I prepare for my exam?
A: Be sure to take full advantage of the exam preparation materials on the NBCMI website:

The Candidate Handbook has detailed information about what is tested in the exams. Pay particular attention to pages 8 – 12, where you can find study tips and content outlines for both exams.
Q: How soon can I schedule my written exam?
A: Once you get the approval from your NB adviser, you will be able to schedule your exam in the next 3 business days if you test from home, or 5-7 business days if you are taking the exam at a testing center.
Q: Do you have a practice test for the written exam?
A: No, at this time, we do not have a practice test for the written exam.
Q: Do you have a practice test for the oral exam?
A: Yes, please go to our website to learn more:

The practice test is only to help candidates with test navigation. It won’t help you to prepare for actual interpreting in a medical context.
Q: If I am a nurse or a doctor, do I still need to take a Medical Interpreter Training?
A: Yes, all candidates regardless of education and experience must take a Medical Interpreter Training.
Q: Do you offer employment opportunities for medical interpreters?
A: No, The National Board is a certifying body and does not offer employment opportunities. Once you become a certified interpreter your name will appear in the NBCMI registry and prospective employers can contact you or verify your credentials.
Q: How can I update my information on my profile?

Please log in to your account on our website and click under "my profile", scroll down and you will see your information, click "edit" and update the information. Be sure to save the changes.

Q:  What is the passing score for the written exam? 
A:   The passing score for the written exam is 75%.
      To learn more about how the passing scores were developed, please go to: