Q: Where can I find CEUs?

CLICK HERE to visit the IMIA Education Registry to search among hundreds of approved IMIA/NBCMI Continued Education courses. Click on "Workshops."

CLICK HERE to visit the IMIA Learning Series site for more information on approved IMIA/NBCMI CEU webinars offered by the IMIA. These are $25 for non-members of IMIA and no charge to IMIA members.

Visit our Upcoming Events section under Quick Links to find CEU opportunities.

If you find an event you would like to attend, but aren't sure if NBCMI will accept the CEUs, please send an email to [email protected] to see if the CEUs can be accepted.

Q: How can I tell if I have enough CEUs to complete the 3.0 (30 hours) requirement?

The easiest way to measure is in hours. We cannot accept a certificate that does not list how long the event lasted.

The formula is below:

10 hours = 1.0 CEU credit
30 minutes = .05 CEU credit
45 minutes-1 hour = .10 CEU credit
1 hour+15 minutes = .10 CEU credit
1 hour+30 minutes = .15 CEU credit
1 hour+45 minutes = .20 CEU credit

For instance, a typical conference day is 0.6 CEUs (6.0 hours).

Q: Where can I find more detailed information?

CLICK HERE for the CMI renewal page.


CLICK HERE for the Hub-CMI renewal page.

Q: Who can I contact if I have a question about CEUs?

Please contact [email protected]