My Journey as a Medical Interpreter-Mercedes Delgado Booth

I am a native from Mexico and have been in the US most of my adult life.
When I first came to United States I spoke just a few words of English,
but was determined to learn the language, and after a few years of
hard work I learn enough to help my parents who later
came from Mexico  to live in with me.  As my father got older and
diagnosed with a bad disease, I found that this was what I wanted to do.  I was
his voice through all the testing and medical appointments, and the follow up
appointments, until I saw myself as part of the wonderful work that
Medical Interpreters do.

My dream from that moment on was to became a hospital Interpreter. I
loved the way we could be the voice for those who were frighten and
unsure of their diseases. I wanted to be part of it and make them feel
better in such a vulnerable situation.

Step by step I slowly entered and lived  the difficult task of making
myself worth among the Interpreting community.  At that point my biggest
journey began, I  was very  lucky to obtain a grant to go to school and
learn from the best Instructors in the state of Arizona, and became one
of the pioneer  Spanish Medical Interpreters in 2001 trough Phoenix
Children Hospital. My journey didn't stop there; I knew there was more
for me to do and I continued to grow as a Medical Interpreter,  and
soon after I finished school I went to work for Dignity Health as a
staff Interpreter and Translator. Many doors opened for me at that time.
I got an offer from Honor Health Trauma Center and I continue to enjoy
every single encounter in my daily job until this day. I passed my
Certification with the National Board of Certification for Medical Interpreters on the
first round, and I wanted to dedicate part of my journey to my father
who since passed away. He gave me the best gift of my life by
encouraging and blessing me to begin a wonderful and sacred
service to the  many patients who need our help,  to pursue my dream of
becoming a Medical Interpreter.

I call my job a service to God when I am serving those in need...

Thank you for letting me share my story.

Mercedes  Delgado Booth, CMI-Spanish
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Martha Edith - Monday, January 21, 2019

Hi Meche, im from Mexico too and my motivation is my husband, he is an American and suffers from a Degenarative illness, i have been on his side in hospitals and i know how difficult was for him sataying in a Spanish spoken country and i needed to be with him the whole time translating, so i admire you. Wish me luck in this new journey. besos

Zoila Alvarez - Saturday, September 23, 2017

Aren't you proud ? It's an inspiring story. Congratulations !

Carlos Martinez-Morales - Thursday, August 03, 2017

Thanks Mercedes!

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