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Webinar Schedule

Throughout 2010, we have been hosting monthly webinars about our certification program.

December's webinar will focus on specifics of taking our oral exam, including a description of what to expect when you get to the testing center, the software program, screen shots of the test setup, and details on how to obtain repetitions during your exam.

Dr. Alvaro Vergara-Mery, CMI, a board director and recently certified medical interpreter who has gone through the entire certfication program, will be conducting this month's webinar. His years of experience as a medical interpreter and own account of taking the exam will greatly enhance this webinar; be sure to tune in for his presentation and the open Q&A to follow!

Friday, December 10th, 12p PT | 1pm MT | 2pm CT | 3pm ET

 Stay tuned for the 2011 schedule!

 Duration: 1 hour

To access Audio portion of the meeting:
USA Toll-Free: (877) 336-1839 ACCESS CODE: 6248587
(International or USA Caller Paid Toll: (636) 651-0008 ACCESS CODE: 6248587)

To access the Web portion of the meeting:
Web Meeting Address:
Meeting Number: 877 3361839 ACCESS CODE: 6248587

We recommend that you dial in 10 minutes early to avoid issues. The call will be muted to participants to prevent audio issues or background noise. If you have questions in advance, you can also submit them to info [at] certifiedmedicalinterpreters [dot] org (info [at] certifiedmedicalinterpreters [dot] org)


Thursday, June 10, 1pm PST | 4pm EST

Friday, July 9th, 12p PST | 3pm EST

Wednesday, August 4th, 4pm PST | 7pm EST

Tuesday, September 7th, 10am PST | 1pm EST

Tuesday, October 12th, 8am PT | 9am MT | 10am CT | 11am ET

Thursday, November 11th, 9am PT | 10am MT| 11AM CT | 12pm ET