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Read CMI Tides, the Fall newsletter

The Fall Newsletter has great news! Here is the link to the issue.
You will read about the validation of the Mandarin and Russian oral certification exams and their imminent launch - Cantonese and Vietnamese exams are in process - and we just need a few more interpreters who are medical interpreters for Korean to volunteer for our pilot exams - please contact the National Board at info [at] certifiedmedicalinterpreters [dot] org if you are interested in participating.
The National Board has also extended the deadline for the employment letter another year due to popular demand! 
The Newsletter has some great articles from our CMIs in Costa Rica, Atlanta, San Francisco, Oregon and Minnesota - find out how you can send in an article for the next issue.  
There is also an offer for certified interpreters to obtain a free membership in the International Medical Interpreter Association. And come join us in Miami for the IMIA international medical interpreter conference Jan. 18-20!
Enjoy this issue of CMI Tides! Click here to read it.
The URL for the newsletter is