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Oral Exams are Ready in 4 Languages!

Dear National Board Registrant,
The oral exam for certification for medical interpreters whose language of service is SpanishRussian,Mandarin, or Cantonese is available to be taken. Candidates that have passed the written exam and want to get their CMI credential may notify the National Board Registrar by writing an email to staff [at] certifiedmedicalinterpreters [dot] org to receive further instructions.
Please take a look at all the oral exam testing sites we have available by going to:
and provide the following information:
- Your first and last name
- The eMail address you used to register with the National Board
- The date when you passed the written exam
- The language in which you would like to be tested
- The city where the testing site is
We are almost approaching the 700 CMI mark, and we will be over 1,000 much earlier than expected. Be counted among those first 1,000 pioneers! Get Certified!
Best regards,
Carlos GarcĂ­a, CMI-Spanish
Executive Director