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Oral Exam

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Certified Medical Interpreter (CMI)

Languages available: Spanish, Russian, Mandarin, Cantonese, Korean, and Vietnamese.

The National Board oral exam covers the essential components to receive the CMI credential. The exam is computer-based, and candidates' oral responses will be recorded. For more information, please click on the attachment at the bottom of this page and refer to the CMI Candidate Handbook:

The oral exam is 45-60 minutes in length. Candidates have 30 minutes to complete 12 mini-scenarios and 10 minutes to complete 2 sight translation passages.

The components to be tested are:

  • 15% Topic 1: Mastery of Linguistic Knowledge of English
  • 15% Topic 2: Mastery of Linguistic Knowledge of Working Language
  • 25% Topic 3: Interpreting Knowledge and Skills
  • 10% Topic 4: Cultural Competence
  • 25% Topic 5: Medical Terminology in Working Languages
  • 10% Topic 6: Medical Specialties in Working Languages

Simultaneous interpreting, written translation, and sight translation into English are not tested. While the job analysis showed that medical interpreters sometimes perform these tasks, the frequency was not statistically significant.

Requirement: Once a candidate passes the written exam, he/she is eligible to take the oral exam.

Cost: $275 ($235 for residents of Oregon who are testing in a language other than Spanish due to a grant from your state). Method of payments accepted: Major credit cards (except AMEX)

Did you pass the written exam?
You have 6 months to take the oral exam from the date you passed the written exam.  If an oral exam is not available in your language, you’ll have six months from the day it becomes available.

Test re-take: Candidates who do not pass the oral exam will have the opportunity to re-take it after 3 months from the day of their last attempt. 

The following two options are available for taking the oral exam:

  1. Take the exam from the convenience of your own home or office with an online proctor.
  2. Take the exam at a testing site close to you. For testing site locations: please click here

Testing Site

If you prefer to test at a testing site, carefully look at both lists of locations where the oral exam is offered.  Decide where you would like to take the oral exam and then email the National Board Administrative Assistant at staff [at] certifiedmedicalinterpreters [dot] org with your full name and address, email address, phone numbers, language you interpret and which testing site location you chose from the lists. Then we will contact you with scheduling information.

Online Proctoring

The National Board has decided to offer online proctoring to accommodate candidates who live far from testing sites or need to schedule their exam in the evenings or on weekends.  You’ll need to complete the following four steps in order to schedule your oral exam:

  1. Determine whether the computer you’ll be using meets the system requirements.
  2. Register with ProctorU.
  3. Pay for the oral exam.
  4. Schedule your exam with ProctorU

System Requirements

In order to take your oral exam with an online proctor, the computer that you’ll be using needs to meet the following requirements:

1. Reliable internet connection

2. Webcam

3. Headset with a microphone

4. Windows 7, 8, 10

5. Google Chrome

ProctorU has a system check to make sure that your computer meets the minimum requirements.  You can access that here: Just click on the image of the computer that is below the ‘Equipment Test’ heading on the right side of your screen.  If you’re unable to pass the system check with ProctorU, please give them a call at 855-772-8678 to see how they can help you.

The oral exam is accessed via the internet.  Google Chrome is the most stable web browser for our oral exam.  Chrome is available for free.  Please download the latest version of it       here:

The National Board recently made a practice test in order for candidates to become more familiar and comfortable navigating through our oral exam.  Successfully accessing the practice test also ensures that you won’t experience any technical difficulties on the day of your scheduled online proctored oral exam.

First, please review a short video on how to navigate through the oral exam.  Here is the link: ***PLEASE NOTE: The voice meter may no longer appear on the oral exam. If your system check is successful, your voice is being recorded.

Second, log in to the following site with the information below. Again, you need to use Chrome as a web browser in order to access the practice test and oral exam.

Once you’ve download and installed the latest version of Chrome, please go to

Login with the following information:

username:          practicetest

password:           practicetest

Once you complete the system check and can record and playback your own voice, you can proceed with the practice test.  Please keep in mind that the practice test is only to help candidates with test navigation.  It won’t help you to prepare for actual interpreting in a medical context.  The role play scenarios on the practice test are not necessarily consistent with the types of role play scenarios on the actual oral exam.

If you’re unable to access the practice test despite your best efforts, then taking an online proctored exam won’t be an option for you.  Please contact the National Board to begin the process of scheduling your oral exam at a test site near you.  The site list is at

Register with ProctorU

If you were able to complete the two system checks, please register with ProctorU by clicking on the following link:


Pay for your exam

After registering with ProctorU, please use the following link to pay for your exam:



If you're a resident of Oregon and are testing in a language other than Spanish, use this link:



  • Include your email address when you fill out the payment form so you will receive a receipt.
  • When it asks for an ID number leave it blank.

You may pay for the exam online with a credit card – all major cards are accepted except Amex. Once you make payment, our staff will assign you an exam, after which you’ll be able to schedule your exam date.

Schedule with ProctorU

ProctorU allows you to schedule your exam 7 days a week during the time that is most convenient for you. Scheduling is easy; simply follow the instructions from ProctorU.  Keep in mind that the soonest you'll be able to take your oral exam is 72 hours from when you log on to schedule it.

Click here to to download and view the Candidate Test Preparation Document for the Oral Exam.


Please be advised that you will be notified of test results by email within 8-10 weeks.  



Please remember that it is your responsibility to know how to navigate through the oral exam, including how and when to record your renditions and request repetitions. If you fail to correctly navigate through the oral exam your score will be negatively impacted. 

Passing Score: 70% for Spanish, Russian, Cantonese and Korean; 80% for Mandarin; 65% for Vietnamese

Please be advised that the pass rates vary depending on the results of the pilot exams. For a complete explanation of how the pass rates were set, please go to the Reports and Publications page of our website and click on the link for the report titled: "Development and Validation of Oral Examinations for Medical Interpreter Certification: Mandarin, Russian, Cantonese, Korean, and Vietnamese Forms - Technical Report, November 2013" and refer to page 11.  Or click here.





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