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The Road to National Certification for Medical Interpreters

A Video Documentary
Now available on YouTube and through the National Board website,

This documentary chronicles the year since history was made in October 2009 when, after years of hard work and dedication by many, National Certification for Medical Interpreters became a reality!

We follow the process, interview some of the many people and organizations involved, and the development of an independent non-profit organization, the National Board of Certification for Medical Interpreters, the certifying body for the Board Certified designation. This perspective reviews the activities and accomplishments - from pilot testing in the summer of 2009, to availability of the final exams, culminating with the achievement of the first ever CMI designation awarded to interpreters who dedicate their skills in the critical healthcare profession at the International Medical Interpreters Association conference – all historic firsts!
The Road to Certification for Medical Interpreters provides behind the scenes commentary of this monumental effort and achievement including interviews with some of the many key contributors, stakeholders, professional interpreters and interpreter advocates who worked tirelessly to achieve a validated certification for this unique profession. This is a chronological look at the early developments, challenges, process creation, validation and future developments.
Please join us in thanking all of those dedicated individuals and organizations that have made this dream a reality! 
Yes We Can...and We Did!