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Multiple languages available!

The National Board's NCCA accredited and rigorous certification program is the only certification program for medical interpreters that is committed to certifying those that pass both the written and the oral performance exam. This is the only way to determine if an individual is deemed competent to interpret in the healthcare setting. It's a patient safety issue!

The National Board oral performance certification exam is available in six languages: Spanish, Russian, Mandarin, Cantonese, Korean and Vietnamese.  If you have passed the written exam, you are eligible to take the oral exam. Go HERE and follow the instructions. 

If you would like to be certified as a CMI in any of these languages, please go to the "Get Certified" tab above to register and begin the process.

The National Board is grateful to the foresight and support of the Office of Equity and Inclusion, Oregon Health Authority, for funding the program for development of medical interpreter certification exams in five additional languages.

The National Board also thanks the interpreters who volunteered to take the pilot exams, and for those stakeholders who hosted the pilot exams and served as proctors. Your contribution is greatly appreciated!

To read the validation reports for these exams, click HERE.

The National Board is very proud of this achievement that was many months in the making. The National Board took the time to make sure that each exam met the highest standards and was an equally valid, scientifically developed exam. The National Board will not rest however, until we expand the access to certification to many more languages. Stay tuned on our website for announcements of our next steps.