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Get Certified

The credentialing process is a multistep process that needs to be completed in order to receive one of the credentials.

Please refer to the CMI Candidate Handbook ( for complete details.

The process is as follows:
Step 1. Register to start the process. The cost is $35 and is nonrefundable. This fee is waived for Oregon residents who are testing in a language other than Spanish due to a grant from your state. 

Important: After you register, a staff person will contact you and ask that you submit supporting documentation. Information on prerequisites can be found HERE
Step 2. Once you receive confirmation from a staff person that your registration has been approved, you can request to take the National Board Written Exam. The exam is in English and costs $175 (all major credit cards are accepted, except AMEX).
Step 3. If you pass the written exam, request the Oral Exams being offered for interpreters of Spanish, Russian, Korean, Vietnamese, Cantonese and Mandarin - the cost is $275 for the oral performance exam, $235 for Oregon residents who are testing in a language other than Spanish due to a grant from your state.                  

Step 4. Re-certification to maintain credential obtained active.
For questions, please contact info [at] certifiedmedicalinterpreters [dot] org


1. Complete onliine registration (one time registration)

2. Notified of approval/denial or of further documentation needed (2 weeks)

3. Take written exam - immediate notification of pass of fail - and if pass, instructions for scheduling the oral exam

4. Take oral exam and notified if pass or fail via email (8-10 weeks)