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free open webinar today, 9/7/10, at 10am Pacific, 1pm Eastern Time

Want to find out the latest news on certification as well as the details of the national certification exams? Tune in TODAY, Tuesday, September 7th, at 10am Pacific Time / 1pm Eastern Time for a one-hour free webinar with CMI Linda Joyce and Board Director Elizabeth Chegezy. 

To access Audio portion of the meeting:
USA Toll-Free: (877) 336-1839 ACCESS CODE: 6248587
(International or USA Caller Paid Toll: (636) 651-0008 ACCESS CODE: 6248587)

To access the Web portion of the meeting:
Web Meeting Address:
Meeting Number: 877 336 1839 ACCESS CODE: 6248587

We recommend that you dial in 10 minutes early to avoid issues. The call will be muted to participants to prevent audio issues or background noise. If you have questions in advance, you can also submit them to info [at] certifiedmedicalinterpreters [dot] org




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If you cannot access the web portion, you can follow along with this powerpoint (click on link)