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Calling all Cantonese, Korean, and Vietnamese Medical Interpreters!

                              Two Languages finished – three to go

The National Board of Certification for Medical Interpreters is happy to announce that we have completed the pilots for the certification exams in Mandarin and Russian and the process has begun to validate and finalize the exam in these two languages. Please help us reach our goal so we can finish the pilot exams in the other three languages.  

If you are a medical interpreter in Cantonese, Korean or Vietnamese, please let us know! If you know an interpreter in health care who speaks any of these languages, please pass on this appeal. Candidates who take the pilot of the oral exam will acquire a very good preview of what to expect on the final version of the test and be well-prepared to achieve medical interpreter certification. The pilot exam is free of charge.

Pilot tests are needed to help the test development experts ensure that the tests are valid and credible in these languages and that the tests in all languages are comparable in design, difficulty and approach. Following the pilot testing phase, the test development experts will finalize the tests and the National Board will then announce the availability of national certification in these languages, to be added to our existing national certification in Spanish.
To take the pilot test, candidates will present themselves at a Testing Center. There they will be asked to complete two sight translation exercises and respond via telephone to 15 mini-scenario consecutive role-play exercises during which they will interpret from English into the Second Language and from the Second Language into English. There is no pass/fail on these exams – it is for test development purposes only. You will receive feedback from the tester about your performance, however.
Interested candidates who have further questions or who are willing to take the pilot test should contact the National Board at info [at] certifiedmedicalinterpreters [dot] org/ Please include your name, phone number, location, language to be tested and proposed dates and times when you could make yourselves available to sit for this test. Then we will coordinate the scheduling of the tests.
The following is a list of locations where we have testing sites right now: Tempe, AZ, Los Angeles and San Francisco, CA; New Haven, CT; Atlanta, GA; Honolulu, HI; Springfield and Boston, MA; Portland, ME; Brooklyn Park and Minneapolis, MN; Durham, NC; Omaha, NE; Milford, NH; New York City and Rochester, NY; Cincinnati, OH; Portland and Salem, OR; Philadelphia, PA; Providence, RI; Salt Lake City, UT; Alexandria and Richmond, VA; and Toronto, Canada.
None of these testing sites near you? No problem. Have a place that is near to you – your office, facility, etc. - be the testing site. All that is needed is a quiet room with a landline phone and an impartial proctor – if you can provide a testing site contact us at the email address above; it would be a great contribution to advance certification to additional languages!