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Announcing May 1, 2010 Open Forum

Come Advocate for Medical Interpreters in Washington DC!
April 30 & May 1, 2010

Friday, April 30th: Lobby…Advocate…Rally!

  • Come advocate for medical interpreters
  • Hear presentations on latest national lobbying updates
  • Receive training on how to advocate from a professional lobbying group
  • Be the voice of the language minority patient in Washington DC
  • Come with us to your Senators and Representatives offices, we need you!

Saturday, May 1st: National Medical Interpreter Certification Forum

  • Discussions on the next steps in certification itself
  • Updates on Certification from a Global Aspect – From International Attendees
  • Educational program accreditation
  • How to prepare for the certification exam
  • Formalization of Taskforces and Committees

Please download the document and PDF below.

National Medical Interpreter Certification May 1st in Washington DC 2.doc1.18 MB
Fourth Annual National Medical Interpreter Certification Open Forum.pdf22.04 KB